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Welcome to Phil Burgess Consulting.

Philip Burgess Consulting is committed to providing support and representation to:

• Individuals

• Healthcare related Businesses / Organizations

• Trade Associations

• Governmental Agencies

• Interest Groups

The primary focus of our organization is to assist clients in expanding patient access to quality and cost-effective health care. Maximizing the use of technology to reduce system costs while improving patient care will be critical for companies, organizations, and municipalities to address the ever-increasing healthcare needs of those they serve.

Revised 8/5/2013
Health Care

As ageing baby boomers move into the “pill taking” stage of their lives, difficult decisions will be made to control costs. Health care systems cannot regard the provision of prescription services in a silo by looking only at drug costs. Rather, the long-term negative financial impact of NOT providing adequate access to quality drug therapy management must be an integral part of any analysis.

We stand ready to assist businesses, trade associations, and governmental agencies in developing comprehensive programs to address these issues.

Revised 8/5/2013

Businesses seeking to gain approval for their technology or new prescription processes to Boards of Pharmacy can benefit from our services. We have a long track record of successfully demonstrating before Boards how patient care can be improved through approval of “pilot projects” or “waivers”. Also, in providing support and input to these Boards towards initiating appropriate changes to either the State Pharmacy Practice Act or the Rules associated with the Act.

State Boards of Pharmacy play a critical role in ensuring patient safety for the citizens in the individual states they represent. Most state boards are grappling with how to incorporate changes into their Practice Acts and Rules to embrace technology, while protecting the patient. We have experience in this arena and can directly assist Boards in this effort.

Revised 8/5/2013

State governmental agencies and municipalities are overwhelmed by how to deal with the current health care crisis in a cost-effective manner. We can serve as a consultant to these groups or to organizations attempting to do business with these entities.

On a Federal level, interest groups and business entities must be proactive in helping to shape health care policy. We can provide that expertise in the development of position papers, talking points and “leave behinds” to help sell specific principles. Also, the pharmacy community as a whole is in critical need of voices to articulate the important role that pharmacists can play and the value they can provide to improve patient care.

Revised 8/5/2013

Organizations or trade groups seeking to educate their employees or members on the value that political activism can have for them can benefit from our services. We can provide training in  the “how to’s” of developing an effective grass roots campaign as well as methods to successfully target the key decision makers.

We also assist the niche of  businesses seeking to better understand how to specifically market to the pharmacy community. As the healthcare model changes, pharmacists will play a much more critical role in drug decisions and drug product selection. Sales forces will need to modify their marketing programs to address these changes. We can support in these initiatives.

Revised 8/5/2013

Comprehensive training and experience are critical in dealing with various media outlets. Pharmacy organizations are vulnerable without having quality consultants to assist during crisis situations such as a high-profile prescription error or media campaigns questioning quality and operational pharmacy procedures. We have experience in dealing with these situations.

Numerous issues related to pharmacy services are hot topics within the media world. We can assist pharmacy providers in conveying a strong commitment to quality care with integrity to both patients and the healthcare community.

We can provide this expertise in a highly professional manner both in written materials as well as in-person interviews.

Revised 8/5/2013
Philip Burgess Consulting, LLC



3800 North Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, Illinois 60613
Revised 8/5/2013
Work Experience

4/09 - PRESENT: President, Philip Burgess Consulting, LLC.

6/99 - 3/09: National Director of Pharmacy Affairs, Walgreens – Directed Walgreens pharmacy policies and procedures corporately. Directed and oversaw all national regulatory and professional organization activities regarding pharmacy operations. Primary corporate spokesperson for pharmacy regulatory and pharmacy union issues.

6/83 - 6/99: National Director of Pharmacy Operations, Walgreens – Directed Walgreens pharmacy operations on a national basis; responsible for sales, profit, staffing, operational efficiency, customer service, and regulatory compliance.

6/69 - 6/83: Numerous positions within Walgreens including: Director, Intercom Pharmacy Operations, Corporate Manager of Personnel Recruitment, Store Manager, Pharmacy Manager, Staff Pharmacist

Current Memberships/Affiliations

Currently in fourth term as Chairperson – Illinois State Board of Pharmacy (member of Board since 2002)

President – Community Pharmacy Foundation, Chicago (since founding in 2002)

Chairman – Illinois E-Prescribing Advisory Board

Member – Illinois Health Information Exchange Advisory Board

Dean’s Advisory Board – University of Tennessee - Memphis, College of Pharmacy

Advisory Board – College of Pharmacy - Chicago State University

Editorial Advisory Board – Drug Topics Magazine

Past Activities/Awards

Pratt / National Association of Chain Drug Stores
Lifetime Achievement Award (’06)

Rainbow/PUSH Coalition – “Unity Partner” Awardee (’05)

Clinton and Bush Administrations (’98 - ’02), Washington, DC
Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS

Howard Brown Health Center (HIV/AIDS), Chicago, IL
“Friend for Life” Awardee (’98)

Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB), Washington, DC
Chair / Policy Council (Founding Member)

G Leblanc Corp., Kenosha, WI
Board of Directors (’99 - ‘04 )

Human Rights Campaign
   National Board of Directors, (’97 - ’03), Washington, D.C.
   Business Council, Founding Member (’99 - ‘07)


Master of Business Administration,
University of Chicago, January, 1980

B.S. – Pharmacy,
University of Tennessee, Memphis, June, 1969